Daniel Johns receives an order for intensive corrections to be attended to in the community by a car accident under alcohol

Former leader of the now defunct Australian band Silverchair, Daniel Johns, has avoided time behind bars with an order of 10-month intensive corrections to be attended to in the community by a powerful car accident.

Key points:

  • Johns was charged with driving with high-end alcohol after a head-on accident in March this year
  • He returned a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit when the test was done
  • Johns’ lawyer said his client recently suffered panic attacks and had been self-medicating with alcohol

He has also been disqualified from driving for seven months and has been ordered to place an alcohol reading locking device in his car for 24 months when he recovers his driving license.

In March this year, Johns was accused of driving with high-end alcohol after a head-on collision in North Arm Cove, north of Newcastle.

When he was tested, he returned a blood alcohol reading three times the legal limit.

Police in Raymond Terrace Local Court said 43-year-old Johns was driving north in his SUV when he crossed the wrong side of the Pacific Highway and collided with a light commercial truck traveling in the direction. contrary.

Both vehicles ended up in a nearby natural strip.

The driver of the van, a 51-year-old man and a 55-year-old passenger, were taken to the scene.

Daniel Johns arrives at Raymond Terrace Court House. (ABC News: Carey Harris)

Johns went into rehab on his own volition for four weeks after the crash and the court said he had not touched alcohol since.

In his presentation of the sentence, defense attorney Bryan Wrench said his client had been suffering from complex mental health issues since his time as a child music star.

“His fame came to him in an unwanted way and fame came with attacks and vitriol, including disfiguring and painting his mother’s fence,” Wrench said.

“He was chased by a strange harasser, there was a case of defamation and he was accused of going to a brothel, which was completely false.

“When he ventures outside, he’s worried about people attacking him, his house is his only safe place.”

Mr Wrench said at the time of the incident, Johns was anxious for the release of a long-awaited solo album.

Mr Wrench also said Johns had the support of his mother and brother during his recovery.

“It’s sober, it’s the real Daniel Johns, the Daniel Johns who love and have grown to love,” he said.

Police Attorney Matthew Barry did not oppose the defense’s submissions.

In sentencing Johns, Magistrate Ian Cheetham said Johns was best served to continue psychiatric treatment in the community.

“There is no doubt that a prison sentence will not achieve an appropriate outcome for him or the community,” Magistrate Cheetham said.

Magistrate Cheetham said the offense of driving drunkenness carries a maximum sentence of 18 months in prison, but said Johns was entitled to a 25 per cent discount for an early conviction.

Once the procedure was over, he thanked Johns and wished him well.

The former Silverchair singer will serve his sentence in the community. (AAP: Darren Pateman)

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