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2022 F1 Canadian Grand Prix: back in Gilles’ backyard

Live coverage of F1 follows as the Canadian Grand Prix weekend continues with the third free practice session and qualifying tonight in Montreal.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen topped the time records in the two free practice sessions on Friday, but was only slightly ahead of Charles Leclerc in FP2. Ferrari installed a new electronic control in Leclerc’s car before FP2, exceeding the threshold of two, which means Leclerc will face a penalty on the grid for Sunday’s race and will have to qualify near the top of the classification to limit damage.

Mercedes struggled once again as it sought to maximize W13 performance with George Russell finishing FP2 in seventh place and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton losing in 13th. Mercedes abandoned a redesigned floor concept that it did with the Hamilton car in FP1, and the 37-year-old described the car as “unthinkable” by the team’s radio.

Elsewhere, Red Bull team director Christian Horner remains angry with the FIA’s decision to introduce a new F1 technical directive designed to reduce injuries caused by intense porpoise. “You may understand that safety is the FIA’s main concern, but leaving a technical directive before a race weekend without consulting seems like the wrong way to do things,” Horner told Sky Sports F1. “It’s very dangerous to allow the FIA ​​to set the height of your ball for a weekend. It seems like a very complicated way to tackle a problem that doesn’t affect all teams.”

Follow all the latest updates as we move into the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend:

Qualifying for the Canadian F1 Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen at the pole at the Canadian Grand Prix

Red Bull took pole position but the fans went crazy for Fernando Alonso to finish in second place. What a qualifying session for the double world champion.

Michael Jones June 18, 2022 10:20 p.m.


Max Verstappen at the pole at the Canadian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen achieves pole position in difficult conditions in Montreal. Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz complete the top three, with Lewis Hamilton scoring the best personal qualifying position of the season in fourth.

Here are the top 10 positions:

1 Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull Racing) 1: 21,299

2 Fernando ALONSO (Alpí) +0,645

3 Carlos SAINZ (Ferrari) +0.797

4 Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes) +1,592

5 Kevin MAGNUSSEN (Haas F1 Team) +1,661

6 Mick SCHUMACHER (Haas F1 Team) +2,057

7 Esteban OCON (Alpine) +2,230

8 George RUSSELL (Mercedes) +2,258

9 Daniel RICCIARDO (McLaren) +2,450

10 Guanyu ZHOU (Alfa Romeo) +2,731

Michael Jones18 June 2022 22:18


Here comes Alonso!

Where did this come from ?! A rather calm Q3 from Fernando Alonso comes to a stormy conclusion when he flies to the front row with a lap (+0,645) slower than Max Bulltt from Red Bull!

What a 40-year-old career.

Michael Jones18 June 2022 22:15


Checkered flag of 3 classifications

The checkered flag is out and Hamilton has taken it. Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz are in a race on their final laps.

Verstappen makes a 1: 21.299 and Sainz can’t catch him. He is in second place ahead of Hamilton.

Michael Jones18 June 2022 22:14


Classification 3

One minute left in Q3 and Lewis Hamilton is in the front row with a lap (+1,271) slower than Max Verstappen.

Michael Jones18 June 2022 22:12


Classification 3

It looks like the only person who can compete with Max Verstappen is George Russell in the spots, but he’s gone on the first lap!

The tires aren’t hot enough and Russell slips into the barriers.

Michael Jones18 June 2022 22:11


Classification 3

George Russell has come out of the pits with smooth tires! This is a very bold or very silly decision. Will it work for the Mercedes man?

Michael Jones June 18, 2022 10:09 p.m.


Classification 3

Kevin Magnussen and Lewis Hamilton have gone to the pits to look for a new set of intermediate tires.

Max Verstappen is first with Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso behind. Mick Schumacher is fourth ahead of the two Mercedes.

Michael Jones June 18, 2022 10:08 PM


Classification 3

Max Verstappen flies over the line in a 1: 22.701. This is more than a second faster than the two Mercedes. Carlos Sainz puts himself between them, but Russell and Hamilton respond with laps in the 1:23 range.

Michael Jones June 18, 2022 10:05 p.m.


Classification 3

With 10 minutes left in Q3, Lewis Hamilton is making a quick turn. Not very fast, but just behind him, George Russell has gone purple for the first two sectors. Go fast.

Hamilton 1: 24.360, Russell 1: 24.006,

Michael Jones18 June 2022 22:03

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