Google Pixel 6a for review Comments


I’m very interested in the battery life compared to the 6. Considering it’s the tensioner chip, I don’t have high hopes. I love the battery life of the pixel 5a.

You can get 9-12 hours SOT if using wifi, 6-8 hours without (mobile data)


Really looking forward to buying this phone. My only concern is battery life, heard some bad stuff on YT, 3-4 hours of SoT and stuff like that. No way I will buy this phone if this is true. Other than that, it looks really nice. Just a perfect size, Pixel 6 is too bulky and bulky for me. Waiting for your opinion!


this phone is literally irrelevant. The regular Pixel 6 is only $/€40 more than the Pixel 6A, as the Pixel 6 was heavily discounted last year


The only downsides are the battery size, charging speed and the 60Hz screen. The rest of the phone is fine I guess.

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