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Liz Cheney tells Republicans defending the mutineers, “When Trump leaves, your disgrace will continue.”

Former President Donald Trump attacked after the first hearing of the select committee of the House on January 6 was over.

Trump attacked the committee’s political “pirates” and “thugs” on his own social media platform.

The first hearing concluded Thursday after two hours of testimony on the Capitol’s violent riot.

The explosive revelations made by Reps. Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney included Mr. Trump thinking that then-Vice President Mike Pence “deserved” to hang out while the mutineers sang.

Excerpts from interviews with former Attorney General Bill Barr, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were also played. Barr stated that he told then-President Trump that the idea that the election was stolen was “*** bulls.”

Ms. Trump said she respected his opinion and had accepted it as well.

The audience was shown unseen graphic footage of the Capitol attack that distressed some in the room, followed by an emotional testimony from Officer Caroline Edwards who recalled being injured when the crowd turned violent and the “war zone” that followed.

Key points

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Capitol cops cry during the hearing

Some of the Capitol police officers present on the day of the attack on the Capitol on January 6 could be seen crying and excited, as the committee on Thursday showed a shocking collection of body camera images and documentary video during the first hearing at the time of maximum hearing on the attack on Congress.

In the video, created by committee chairman Bennie Thompson, members of the U.S. Capitol Police are heard desperately calling for reinforcements as they are brutally attacked by a massive crowd of Trump supporters who see windows smashed, officers beat and fight with metal barricades.

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Capitol mutineers beg for mercy just before they hear it

Three Capitol mutineers appeared in court just hours before the January 6 House select committee hearing and asked for mercy from federal judges who decide their punishment for participating in the assault.

The three included Michael Daughtry, a gun shop owner and former police officer arrested about a week after the Capitol Hill attack, and the father-son duo William M. Sywak and William J. Sywak.

“I made a mistake in my life and I immediately took responsibility,” Daughtry told ABC.

“I apologize to the court for my indiscretion. But can’t a person make at least one mistake in his whole life?

“I’m embarrassed,” the young Sywak told Buffalo News.

“I’m very remorseful for what I did,” he said.

“It’s not right that so many police officers were injured.” Of the 820 people arrested and charged in connection with the Capitol insurrection on January 6 last year, 300 pleaded guilty to a series of charges.

Investigation of Capitol riots

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“A partisan bull ****,” Donald Trump Jr. posted after listening to him

Donald Trump Jr. has christened the January 6 House select committee hearing a “bull in favor of farce ****” in a statement on Twitter after the proceedings ended Thursday.

Accusing Democrats of “distracting” Americans, he said, “Democrats hate America and they hate you!”

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Sean Hannity calls the Jan. 6 hearing a “multi-hour Democratic fundraiser.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity hit the Democrats when the first hearing of the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 was held Thursday.

Hannity referred to the hearing as “the most boring, the most boring, there’s absolutely nothing new, a multi-hour Democratic fundraiser disguised as a January 6 hearing,” during his program on Fox News, without giving details to its viewers on the procedures of the view.

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Trump lashes out at the Jan. 6 committee after the hearing

Former President Donald Trump attacked the January 6 committee after its first public hearing on Thursday evening and repeated falsehoods about the 2020 election.

In a statement posted on his social media network Truth Social, Trump described the committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol as “political pirates.”

Sravasti Dasgupta June 10, 2022 5:30 p.m.


House panel to release closed door deposition transcripts

House Select Committee Chair Bennie Thompson has said the panel will publish transcripts of the closed-door statements he conducted in his January 6 insurrection investigation.

“We’ll make it available,” Thompson said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper after the committee’s first hearing.

He added that the committee planned to cooperate, if requested, with the Justice Department’s investigation into the resurrection, although the committee’s job was not to determine whether crimes had been committed.

The Justice Department had requested the transcripts last month, but the panel refused before Thursday’s hearing.

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Ivanka Trump states that she accepted that there was no election fraud

The committee investigating Jan. 6 and the Congess attack opened Thursday with a video bomb showing a series of his most trusted aides and advisers, including his daughter Ivanka Trump, explaining that they knew the election was not going well. be stolen.

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AOC reacts to images of unseen riots

New York MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted her reaction to never-before-seen images of the Capitol riot, specifically targeting Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert and recalling her own experience from that day in January 2021.

He later went live on Instagram:

And then it was after the GOP’s reaction from the House judiciary to the witness:

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Voices: Trump was terrified of the January 6 hearings. Tonight has shown that it was justified

There’s a reason Fox News didn’t want to air that audience at prime time. What we saw was the truth about January 6 shown with captivating effectiveness.

What happened that day was not a “tourist visit,” as Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde (GA) put it. It was not a “legitimate political speech,” as the RNC argued. It was not a “party of love,” as Donald Trump excitedly put it. And the responsibility for this does not lie with “everyone in the country,” as minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said just hours before tonight’s hearing. This was a criminal and violent conspiracy to overthrow the American democracy perpetrated by Donald Trump, his allies and national extremist groups. Or, to put it simply as President Bennie Thomson (D-MS) did, January 6 was “the culmination of a coup attempt”: a coup attempt that is far from over. .

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