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2022 F1 Canadian Grand Prix: back in Gilles’ backyard

Max Verstappen wants to emphasize his dominance from pole position in today’s Canadian Grand Prix with the conditions of the tests throwing another interesting wrinkle as he aims for a second world championship. The Red Bull driver has been untouchable in the rain as it rains bugs and mechanical problems over the parade of his closest rivals.

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve saw Fernando Alonso secure second place in the standings for Alpine, Carlos Sainz starts third with Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton, despite his very public complaints about the state of the Mercedes W13 car, is once again at the top of the field , with the seven. -time world champion getting fourth for the Silver Arrows. Special praise should also come for the Haas team, which has blocked the third row of the grid thanks to Kevin Magnussen in fifth and Mick Schumacher in sixth.

Don’t expect Alonso to be successful from the start today, which creates a fascinating prospect when the lights go out: “The goal is to lead the race on the first lap. First turn, maximum attack. And after that, they can go and fight, but it will be nice, sweet to lead the race. “While Verstappen added,” Fernando is getting a little old, but he’s still very fast, “Verstappen said. I know it starts very well, you know, so I have to be prepared. Being in the front row with Fernando; He used to watch F1 as a child, see Fernando up there and win his races and championships and put him in pole position. So sharing the front row is a nice thing. “Follow all the latest updates as we move into this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix:

201st Canadian F1 Grand Prix

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Sainz could go all the way

Carlos Sainz currently leads the race, with an 8.5-second lead over Max Verstappen in second place.

The Ferrari driver has been wearing his hard tires since lap 20 and has yet to stop for the second time. Your goal is to go to the end of the race in the current set, or wait for another safety car and the possibility of a pit stop that consumes much less time. Lance Stroll has done 48 laps with the hard tires, so Sainz could make it work.

It is a sensible strategy from Ferrari, who has no chance of catching Verstappen for victory only at a raw pace.

Dan Austin June 19, 2022 8:08 PM


Russell pitted to buy new hard tires

George Russell made his first pit stop on lap 20, aiming to reach the end of the race with a set of hard tires.

That was not possible, however, and Russell came in with new difficulties, leaving him fourth, six seconds behind teammate Lewis Hamilton.

This should guarantee Hamilton a virtually no podium, except for a calamity or other safety car.

Dan Austin June 19, 2022 8:06 PM


Verstappen and Hamilton pitted for the second stop

Max Verstappen has pitted for his second pit stop and, despite the quick work of the Red Bull mechanics, the Dutchman is just behind Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes rounded out turn 1 when its big rival pitted, and Hamilton took the race line to cut Verstappen.

Hamilton pitted at the end of the next lap to get his own tires, and came out fourth behind teammate George Russell.

Dan Austin June 19, 2022 8:03 PM


Leclerc finally pitches but the stop is slow

Charles Leclerc has finally reached the pits of Ferrari, but his stop is slow.

Ferrari mechanics are working on their car for 5.5 seconds, about three seconds longer than a typical pit stop.

This dropped the Monegasque just behind a four-car DRS train featuring Lance Stroll, Zhou Guanyu, Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo in 12th place.

Leclerc would have been ahead of all these cars had it not been for the slow stop.

Dan Austin June 19, 2022 8:01 p.m.


The race has been set with Verstappen at the helm

We have already passed half of this race and so far things have stabilized quite considerably during the last laps.

Max Verstappen maintains a seven-second lead over Carlo Sainz, with Lewis Hamilton ten seconds behind in third and George Russell nine seconds behind his teammate.

Esteban Ocon is fifth, still defending himself from Charles Leclerc, with Fernando Alonso behind him, seventh.

Leclerc continues with the hard tires with which he started the race.

Dan Austin19 June 2022 19:57


Verstappen losing grip

Max Verstappen has been on the Red Bull team radio to report that he is losing grip on his hard tires.

The Dutchman has arrived behind the first virtual safety car on the eighth lap for fresh rubber, and will have to stop again to reach the end of the race.

He is ahead of Carlos Sainz with Ferrari, who are eight seconds behind, but could potentially reach the finish line after waiting until lap 20 to stop.

Dan Austin19 June 2022 19:50


Alonso finally enters the pits

Finally, Fernando Alonso has pitted and is seventh behind Charles Leclerc, who is chasing Alonso’s teammate Esteban Ocon.

This is a frankly strange strategy for Alpine, who seems to have managed to leave Alonso out of the competition for a podium after his spectacular performance in the standings.

Although the Spaniard can get to the end with these tires, it is now very unlikely that he will be able to challenge the Mercedes cars that were behind him when the first virtual security car came out.

Dan Austin19 June 2022 19:45


Leclerc points to Ocon in sixth place

Charles Leclerc comes in seventh after a lot of pit stops behind the second virtual security car, and he could take a lot of points if he can continue to progress through the field.

The Monegasque has not yet stopped in this race but he is all over Esteban Ocon’s gearbox. Leclerc must pass soon if his strategy works.

Dan Austin19 June 2022 19:41


Hamilton to third ahead of Alonso

And on the next lap, Hamilton ended up using the same method as Sainz and now ranks third.

Alpine’s decision to leave Alonso off the field already seemed strange and the way he returns to the field behind drivers who have already pitted shows that the French team has made a major mistake. He will fall to sixth or seventh place when he finally makes a stop.

Dan Austin June 19, 2022 7:37 PM


Sainz passes to Alonso for a second

Carlos Sainz has already easily overtaken Fernando Alonso using the DRS at the entrance to turn 14 once in this race, and has just done the same thing again after catching his compatriot very quickly with fresh rubber.

Lewis Hamilton is now behind Alonso in fourth place and will look to make a similar pass very soon.

Dan Austin19 June 2022 19:35

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