LIVE RESULTS of Royal Ascot 2022: the consultation of the commissioners after the clash of 50-1 shot first after the post in an exciting first goal

Big bets

A key component of a day at the races is seeing where the money goes.

Of course, there will be thousands of bets made across the country.

But what about these big bets?

For example, in previous bets alone, Star Sports says they will lose £ 50,000 if the queen’s horse wins.

Elsewhere, Walbank has seen support from a bettor who bet £ 20,000 on 7/4 of the first.

£ 10,000 per way has been bet on Amortentia in Britannia later in the day.

Stradivarius to win the Gold Cup at 5/2 has seen a gambler come in with a £ 15,000 bet.

Star Sports’ Ed Dark said: “While it’s always nice for the queen to have a winner at Royal Ascot, Reach For The Moon is a bit of a problem for us today and she seems to have a lot of chances to win. The race has been cut short. “

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