The new pearl of Valorant’s map revealed; Set underwater and inspired by Portuguese culture


Check out the latest map of Valorant, Pearl.

Posted on June 16, 2022 by Alex Gibson

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Riot Games has finally revealed today the main content that will arrive next week in episode 5, Act 1, and in fact it is the new map that was expected. Named Pearl, the map is located in an alternate dimension called Omega Earth where climate change has flooded Portugal and its cities are now underwater protected by a geographical dome. The map was presented today with a spectacular trailer showing its design.

Unlike many of Valorant’s maps, Pearl doesn’t really include any particular trick mechanics, such as teleporters, zip lines, or gates. Level designer Joe Lansford explained in a press release that the development team “wanted to make a slightly simpler map” after Icebox, Breeze and Fracture. As a result, Pearl is “deceptively simple, strategically speaking.”

Art director Brian Yam noted that “the inspiration for Pearl began with an older underwater theme field concept, which was combined with a newer theme that revolved around a major city flooded by change. climate change “.

As for the code name Pitt, which Twinfinite pointed out in our previous article that closes what we knew about the release of Pearl before today’s revelation, Joe Lansford explains:

“Pearl’s development name was ‘Pitt.’ from place B. We moved away from that direction because it didn’t fit well with the objectives of the map.

Stay tuned to Twinfinite for more all-new Valorant coverage in episode 5, act 1 for the rest of today.

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