Andrew Neil Interview: Rishi Sunak says it was ‘silly’ to admit he had no working-class friends

Rishi Sunak has admitted he was “silly” to reveal he had no working-class friends in an interview he gave when he was a student, as he fought back accusations his political judgment was too poor to be prime minister.

In an interview with Andrew Neil on Channel 4 on Friday evening, Sunak was challenged on his earlier statement that he had aristocrats as friends but not working-class people.

The clip, from a 2007 BBC documentary on class, shows Mr Sunak reclining on a sofa telling a reporter he has friends from all classes but “err… not working class” .

Asked about the clip, Sunak said: “We all say nonsense when we’re students, but I’ve talked about my background, my family was welcomed here as migrants,” he said.

“I grew up working at my mom’s drugstore…and you don’t unless you interact with a lot of people.”

Pressed on his wife’s decision to maintain non-national tax status, the former chancellor suggested the couple had made a mistake in her not paying tax on their foreign income.

“She addressed the situation and made a statement about it,” he said.

“These things, as I discovered and learned myself, are difficult when it comes to your family, but I learned from this experience.

“I’m sure this experience has made me better suited to lead now.”

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