Disassembly of the Asus ROG Phone 6 shows all the cooling optimizations Comments


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I think passive cooling is more of a trick on smartphones, more useful on computers that generate a lot of heat, are not closed, and have a larger surface area and volume to be able to install this whole cooling system. I wonder if all this passive cooling acts as an insulator and with the glass on the phone …

Redmagic with its active cooling system maintains very good performance with its fan. Xiaomi’s Blackshark can get very hot and this is a gaming phone with a lot of “cooling”


Something interesting.

If you open phones with 820, 835, 845, 855, and 865, you’ll see some kind of cooling like graphite or copper.

But not within the mid-range, even those with Stronger Socks than the old 8xx. They don’t need to.

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