Lewis Hamilton makes clear the feelings of British GP protesters after the horrific Silverstone scene

Sergio Pérez of Red Bull – who got the P2 – matched Sainz. He said: “It’s great to see people fight for the cause, but it’s obviously good (if) they don’t put up or other people take risks.

“I’m sure F1 can do even more and we have to keep working to set a good example.”

F1 is committed to reducing net carbon by 2030 and is introducing sustainable synthetic fuels with a new engine formula in 2026. Northamptonshire police later said seven people had been arrested with the news after the police said they received “credible intelligence” on Friday. that a group of protesters planned to interrupt the race.

On Sunday, Chief Inspector Tom Thompson said: “I am very disappointed that this group of people ignored our warnings before race day and made the incredibly dangerous decision to enter the track.

“We offered to facilitate a peaceful event on the circuit, but they chose to endanger the lives of the drivers, commissioners and volunteers. It’s incredibly disappointing that someone made the decision to do that.

“Fortunately, we had plans for an eventuality like this and the group was quickly removed and arrested by our agents. All seven are currently detained where their data is being checked.”

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