LIVE 2022 AFTER 2022 LIVE Updates: Injury-dominated power dominates swans, Ladhams face suspension and Eagles lose Kelly

Pt.Adel 4.3, 6.6, 12.8 (80) Sydney 3.1, 5.8, 6.10 (46)

GOALSPt.Adel: Marshall 4, Dixon 2, Butters, Rozee, Houston, Powell-Pepper, Burton, BonnerSydney: Heeney 2, Franklin, Mills, Hayward, Ladhams

DISPOSITIONPt.Adel: Wines 23, Bonner 21, Byrne-Jones 20, Rozee 20, Amon 19Sydney: Parker 20, Mills 19, Warner 17

After a tight first half, the Power absolutely blew the Swans into the third quarter, scoring six goals in a row.

The fact that his efforts are even more impressive is the fact that Butters (knee) and Teakle (collarbone) were ruled out before the break.

Despite this, the pressure from Power has been sensational and they are hitting the Swans in the 56-31 tackles.

The hosts also have a good lead in eliminations 274-231 and marks 75-57, and also have an advantage in overtimes 29-28.

Ken Hinkley’s men also lead by 20-16, losing 34-35.

Ollie Wines. Credit: Getty Images

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