Live Updates on Ontario Elections: Progressive Conservatives Re-Elected for a Second Term

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Early results show that the Conservatives were elected or led in 64 constituencies

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June 2, 2022 • 0 minutes ago • 1 minute reading • 27 comments The first results show that the Conservatives were elected or led in 57 constituencies. Photo by Postmedia

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Progressive Conservatives led by Doug Ford have been re-elected for a second term in Ontario.

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Early results show that the Conservatives were elected or led in 64 constituencies.

Voters hoping to avoid another progressive-conservative government did not rally behind the NPD or the Liberals to produce an alleged challenge to Ford.

An Elections Ontario spokesman said there were 19 constituencies, or nearly one-sixth of the province’s total of 124, where undisclosed voting problems would force at least one polling station to remain open for another 30 minutes after the election. usual deadline of 9 p.m.

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Since Ontario law does not allow any election results to be published in a constituency until all ballot boxes are closed, this means that voters and candidates in the affected areas will have to wait longer than the rest of the world. province to see who will be his next. member of the provincial parliament.

The most significant delays are in the Algoma — Manitoulin and Kiiwetinoong districts (both close at 11pm), Flamborough — Glanbrook (10:45 pm) and Perth — Wellington (10:20 pm).

Follow live Postmedia coverage below with contributions from National Post, Ottawa Citizen, London Free Press, Windsor Star, The Kingston Whig-Standard and The Canadian Press

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