NSW Premier returns to Sydney to face political storm after minister’s harassment allegations

The NSW premier is preparing to fly home after his overseas jaunt to face a political firestorm after one minister was accused of bullying and another was brought into the saga of US trade publications.

Allegations of “serious harassment” against SafeWork Minister Eleni Petinos emerged on Friday, including claims she used the words “retard” and “stupid” towards staff while “shouting and swearing”.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet confirmed it had received an “anonymous complaint” but staff did not want any action taken.

The Minister of Small Business and Safe Work, Eleni Petinos, is accused of school bullying. (Wolter Peters)

“She has denied the allegation,” Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet said on Friday

“I am satisfied that the complaint has been dealt with appropriately.

“If I find evidence of bullying, that person will lose their job.”

Opposition Leader Chris Minns called for Petinos to be fired if the allegations are true.

“There would not be a workplace anywhere in the country from which this person would not be fired immediately if these allegations are true,” he said.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet speaks during tour of India. (9 News)

Meanwhile, Trade Minister Stuart Ayres is under the spotlight after he was accused of meddling in the independent hiring process for the US trade commissioner.

The recruitment process eventually saw John Barilaro hand over the New York trade publication, which later led to controversy between ministers and two separate inquiries.

Barilaro has since stepped down from the role due to media attention.

“I stand by my statements that this was a selection process in accordance with the law,” Ayres said.

Trade Minister Stuart Ayres is under fire over the US trade publication saga. (9 News)

Minns also jumped on the allegations against Ayres, claiming that if he was in the Labor government “he would have been paraded by now”.

Perrottet will return to Sydney this weekend to deal with the scandals surrounding his ministry that have overshadowed his overseas business tour.

“I admit it’s been frustrating, but I haven’t been distracted this trip,” he said.

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