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The Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge have published moving family photographs over the centuries to commemorate Father’s Day.

William posted a photo of himself radiant and surrounded by his children during a holiday in the Middle East, while the Queen and Charles shared old photos via their official Twitter accounts.

Kensington Palace said the Duke’s photograph was taken in Jordan in the fall of 2021 and that the family appears on a rocky, sandy backdrop.

A smiling William is shown with his arms around eight-year-old Prince George and seven-year-old Princess Charlotte, while four-year-old Prince Louis sits on his shoulders.

All children have blatant smiles.

The Duke and his eldest son are wearing khaki casual dresses, and the little ones are dressed in navy blue and white tops.

Meanwhile, the royal family’s official Twitter account shared a photograph of a young queen smiling as she stood in a garden in front of her father, King George VI, in 1946.

The monarch wears a long, printed summer dress, while her father, who died in 1952, wears a suit and tie.

The photo was shared with the words, “We wish all our followers a very happy Father’s Day.”

Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, shared three family photos with the words: “Wishing everyone a very Happy Father’s Day.”

The first is a black and white image of the Prince of Mind with his father, the Duke of Edinburgh.

They are dressed in military uniform, and Charles looks sideways at a smiling Philip.

A second image shows Charles in red knee-high socks and a kilt, lying on a grass, with William and Harry as children.

A young William wears a white shirt and has his arm around his father, while Harry wears a matching green sweater and green ankle boots while leaning on Charles.

Another image shows Camilla tying her arms to her father, Major Bruce Shand, at Clarence House.

They are dressed formally, with the smiling duchess in a long, gold jacket and a headdress while her more serious father wears a dress in a sand-colored vest.

In the photograph of Kate and William, the children appear with great enthusiasm, reminiscent of Louis’s mischievous voyages to the Platinum Jubilee Pageant, which won the heart of the nation.

The young prince pulled out faces as he sat on the lap of his family members to watch the show.

He let out a howl and covered his ears on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the RAF flight on Thursday 2 June, while his “Gan Gan”, the queen, told him what was happening.

Cambridge also used a photograph of Jordan for their official 2021 Christmas card.

The picture showed William sitting on a golden pouf next to Kate, with his two older children by his side, while Louis sat on what looked like a sheepskin rug at his mother’s feet.

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