Canada: 77 new cases of monkeypox reported

Ottawa / UNI / Sputnik: A total of 77 cases of monkeypox infection in Canada have been confirmed after the province of Quebec reported 71 cases, the Quebec Ministry of Health said.

“As of June 2, 71 cases were reported in Quebec, including five cases [were reported] in Ontario and one in Alberta, are added, “the Quebec Ministry of Health said in a press release on Friday.

Canada’s director of public health Theresa Tam said most of the reported cases were between gay and bisexual men.

However, Tam also said that the risk of exposure is not exclusively related to any group, and men and women can be affected equally.

The Quebec Ministry of Health advised residents to monitor symptoms for a period of 21 days if they had been in close contact with a suspected case of infection or with symptomatic individuals.

“[A]”Avoid sleeping in the same bed, avoid sex, limit your contact with them and wear a mask in front of their presence,” the statement said.

Smallpox is a zoonotic disease, transmitted from animals to humans and comes from the same family of viruses that cause smallpox, which was eradicated in 1980. Several doctors in the United States have publicly stated that the disease is identifiable and treatable, and the population should not be frightened.

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