F1: Leclerc retires from the Spanish GP while Verstappen fights for the first, live!

Lap 53/66: Russell regains his place on the podium, passing Bottas. Tsunoda pitted from 10th position, putting Schumacher, at least for now, in a position to get his first F1 point.

Lap 52/66: Russell enters the pits for the third time, 3 seconds behind Bottas, who is third, while Hamilton scores another lap faster.

Lap 51/66: Hamilton, who has just made his last pit stop, passes Ocon on the main straight for P6 and sets his sights on Sainz.

Lewis Hamilton is currently on points. Photo: Hasan Bratic / DeFodi Images / REX / Shutterstock

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Round 49/66: The big question is answered quickly: Pérez lets Verstappen pass, under the instructions of his lords. The Dutchman is leading for the first time, and it will take a small miracle for him not to win this race. His teammate is a couple of seconds behind him, Russell standing 8 seconds behind.

Lap 48/66: Some words from a very miserable Charles Leclerc: “I don’t know anything more about what basically happened. I had no clues before. It broke down and completely lost power. We will look at this problem and we can’t afford it to happen many times during the season, so we have to find the problem. “

Lap 46/66: Hamilton passes to Ocon for fifth, but the main question now may be what happens to the two strikers. Pérez is six seconds ahead of his teammate, who is 19 points behind Leclerc in the drivers’ standings.

Lap 44/66: This is the last pit stop for Verstappen, who will rise to the top of the standings if he wins today, unthinkable after the first three races of the season. He comes back behind Pérez but basically ahead of Russell who can’t take advantage and stays stuck in P3. Red Bull has this race closed.

Max Verstappen a boxes. Photo: Manu Fernández / Reuters

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41/66: Norris passes to Vettel for the P8. Verstappen, who will need the last pit stop, is in the lead, 17 seconds ahead of teammate Pérez, who in turn is 6 seconds ahead of Russell. A little behind are Bottas and Sainz, separated by a couple of seconds, and again behind is Hamilton. There are twenty-five laps left.

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Lap 38/66: Perez enters the pits from the lead, the tactic of a stop by the window, and gets some new media as Russell did minutes before. Verstappen takes the lead. Leclerc’s retirement is confirmed to be an engine failure.

36/66: Russell is called to the pits, so the two Red Bulls lead the way at the moment. It hasn’t been a bad race for Mercedes so far, with Hamilton also in seventh place, although he will have to pit back.

How they are halfway

1 Sergio Perez2 George Russell3 Max Verstappen4 Valtteri Bottas5 Esteban Ocon6 Lando Norris7 Carlos Sainz8 Lewis Hamilton9 Sebastian Vettel10 Yuki Tsunoda11 Fernando Alonso12 Mick Schumacher13 Daniel Ricciardo14 Pierre Gasly15 Lance Stroll16 Nicholas Latifi17 Alexander AlboncRET18 Le Guerright Charles Magncleret

Lap 32/66: Zhou Guanyu also retired, for the second time in a row, due to a technical problem with his Alfa Romeo. Verstappen eliminates Vettel for P3. Meanwhile, Hamilton returns to eighth place, 5 seconds behind Sainz.

Lap 31/66: Pérez passes Russell! The Mexican takes the lead on the straight, needing very little to cut in front of Russell, who swerved to the far right and let him pass. Verstappen makes the fastest lap.

George Russell of Mercedes and Sergio Pérez of Red Bull in action. Photo: Albert Gea / Reuters

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Round 30/66: Well, well, well. Verstappen detects blood and wells to get a new set of soft tires. Sergio Perez is now the closest to Russell, half a second away. Russell is being chased by two Red Bulls.

Leclerc retires!

Charles Leclerc, sailing in the first place, loses power in his car and sinks sadly off the track, crying desperately on the radio. Looks like I had that race in my bag! And the battle between Russell and Verstappen, intriguing enough, turns into a battle for the first time!

The championship leader retires! Photo: Hasan Bratic / DeFodi Images / REX / Shutterstock

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Thomas Stratford writes with a good point: “Hello, Alex, if the new Aston Martin proves to have the original Red Bull aerodynamics but no electrical and other technical issues, then the clone in theory is really superior to the original as the plot of so many sci-fi movies? “

Attack of the clones! Photo: Warner Bros / Sportsphoto / Allstar

Lap 25/66: But maybe all those oaths did the trick, as he approaches Russell and this time his DRS works like a charm. He passes Russell entering the first corner, but the Mercedes man regains his place on the next lap and defends brilliantly to keep his place. Great driving!

Round 24/66: Verstappen’s DRS is still playing and the waves keep turning blue. Too bad the poor Red Bull mechanics.

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Lap 22/66: Leclerc pits in 2.2 seconds and exits the pit lane to see Russell, then Verstappen laps around the last corner. Its advantage is still 6 seconds. Russell, meanwhile, is told Perez will try a unique strategy. “Blimey,” replied the Englishman. Very correct sir.

Round 20/66: How are they:

1 Charles Leclerc

2 Sergio Perez3 George Russell4 Max Verstappen5 Valtteri Bottas6 Esteban Ocon7 Sebastian Vettel8 Carlos Sainz Jnr9 Lando Norris10 Yuki Tsunoda11 Fernando Alonso12 Daniel Ricciardo13 Mick Schumacher14 Pierre Gasly15 Guanyu Zhou16 Lewis Hamilton17 Lance Stroll18 Kevin Alexander Latifisse12 Nicholas Albonsse120

Round 18/66: “Box! Box! “Asks Pérez, who enters the pits and leaves with fresh means, but returns fourth.

Sergio Pérez in the pits. Photo: Manu Fernández / Reuters

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Round 16/66: “Where’s the DRS effing?” Verstappen shouts as he tries to overtake Russell. It only works sporadically, for the sounds. Russell fights another day, but now has a battle in hand, DRS or not.

Lap 14/66: Alonso, who has started the longest, is one point behind. Russell and Verstappen both pitted, putting Pérez second, 15 seconds behind Leclerc.

Lap 12/66: Verstappen overtakes Pérez on the P3, but is told on the radio that the DRS flap has not opened. Another technical problem for Red Bull …?

Max Verstappen is having a bit or a mare. Photo: Clive Mason / Getty Images

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Lap 11/66: Verstappen is therefore fourth, behind Pérez, Russell and Leclerc, who has so far avoided any drama and has a good 10-second lead. Sainz stings after his turn. Norris passes Schumacher on the P7.

Lap 9/66: Verstappen hits the gravel! He was walking alone to the fourth corner, like Sainz minutes before, and Russell and Perez passed him as he sailed back to the track like a disoriented summerer.

Lap 8/66: Ocon has moved up to seventh place, with both Alpins enjoying so far with Alonso eliminating Vettel for 13th place. Perez is chasing Russell for P3

Lap 6/66: Carlos Sainz turns, with no one near him, and hits the gravel! A nightmare start for him as he drops the order to P11.

Lap 4/66: “Lewis knew what he was doing. He stabbed me, “Magnussen said on the radio.

Lap 3/66: Hamilton and Magnussen hit the wheels when the Dane tried to poke his rival’s outside, but he didn’t do enough: the commissioners will take a look, but it’s a terrible start for Hamilton, even better for Hamilton. his teammate: Russell is third, ahead of Pérez. Sainz’s bad start was due to the fact that he went into a standstill almost immediately. Leclerc is sitting quite high, 1.3 seconds away.

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Lap 2/66: Perez and Russel overtook Sainz in a frantic first lap, leaving the Spaniard in fifth place. Hamilton pitches with a puncture and changes to soft. Both for the media.

Round 1/66: Come on! It’s a very old way to turn one: Leclerc cuts Verstappen on the way and, when he gets there, keeps his lead around the corner. Hamilton and Magnussen collide on turn five and Magnussen swerves to the gravel. Hamilton survives, but has his car been damaged?

Lewis Hamilton has a puncture on the first lap. Photo: Joe Portlock / Formula 1 / Getty Images

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The cars climb into the training lap, almost all the riders start with the soft compound tire as you would expect. One of the drivers: Hamilton is in the middle.

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The output grid:

1) Charles Leclerc, Ferrari2) Max Verstappen, Red Bull3) Carlos Sainz, Ferrari4) George Russell, Mercedes5) Sergio Pérez, Red Bull6) Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes7) Valtteri Bottas, Alfa Romeo8) Kevin Magnussen, Haas9) Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren10) Mick Schumacher, Haas11) Lando Norris, McLaren12) Esteban Ocon, Alpine13) Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri14) Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri15) Guanyu Zhou, AlphaRomeo16) Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin17) Lance Stroll, Aston Martin18) Alexander Albon, Williams Latifi, 19) Williams20) Fernando Alonso, Alpí

Toto Wolff is not underestimating the effects of the heat: “I think the one who melts the tires will win the race the least; four stops, we’ll find out. ”As if to prove his point, Sergio Pérez receives a makeshift hose shower next to the track.

… and the semi-fun drama of the week:

Not long ago. Here are some pre-race readings from yesterday’s standings …

Newcastle United legend Patrick Kluivert is among the celebrities seen today. “I love Lewis, he represents the good stuff,” he says after receiving Sky’s neck. City opts for the league, and Sergio Agüero is also among today’s spectators. Coincidence? Certainly not.

The best striker in the history of Newcastle United. Photo: Owen Humpyreys / PA

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Here is Fernando Alonso, who has succeeded in this circuit, although nine years ago: “I have nothing to lose, and I can only get …

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