Live train strikes last: Mick Lynch suggests ‘judgment by combat’ against Grant Shapps to end feud

Jeremy Corbyn, who joined union members on the picket line outside Euston station, said the Government’s behavior amid the strikes had been “absolutely extraordinary”.

“His behavior is totally extraordinary, and then the two leadership candidates, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, are now proposing to outlaw public sector strikes, which of course would be against the provisions of the convention International Labor Organization,” he said.

The former Labor leader and now independent MP told the PA news agency he supported the strikes because “the degree of poverty pay within the rail sector is huge, and now the levels of job insecurity have also grown”. .

“This is a strike to ensure there is proper negotiation to resolve this issue, so it’s a message to Grant Shapps that if you can’t help, stay out of the way and allow a deal to be reached between the unions. and train companies or positively support.”

Mr Corbyn said “there are three Labor MPs here on this picket line, and there are certainly across the country”.

“I think the MPs represent their constituencies and listen day by day to what their constituents want, and they are doing the right thing by being there with the workers in litigation,” he added.

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