Spectators hunted in shock as the betrayal eliminates the team from the game

Viewers of Ten’s hit reality show Hunted were left shocked during Monday night’s episode when contestants Karen and Brittany were finally caught, following several warnings from a nosy bus driver .

The aunt and niece team lasted more than a week in the game, which sees contestants released into inner-city Melbourne in pairs with the goal of going 21 days in public without being caught by ‘hunters’ who try to track your every move.

The pair had dressed up and traveled from Melbourne to Wonthaggi and back to Phillip Island as they overtook the Hunters on the ground trying to catch them.

But they were put off by a bus driver called Graham, who had driven the duo from Wonthaggi to Phillip Island and, after seeing ‘Wanted’ posters with their faces on them, quickly called the hunted tip line to get a reward.

Graham provided the Hunters with detailed information, gleaned when Brittany and Karen had asked him for help while aboard their bus. He explained that he had dropped them off at Phillip Island Jetty, where they were inquiring about taking a ferry off the island.

Despite this information, they still managed to outrun the Hunters, camping another night on the island before returning to the bus terminal the next day to find another way out.

And that’s where Graham spied them, and quickly called the info line back, relaying their exact location to nearby hunters who swooped in and caught them both, eliminating them from the competition ( and killing his chances of sharing the $100,000 prize money). .

In a game that has seen more than a few moments of kindness towards the runaways from the general public, spectators were stunned to see someone walk away from their job. against a team:

It is not clear what reward Graham received for his efforts; news.com.au has today contacted Ten for comment.

Elsewhere in Monday’s episode, the unlikely duo of Jake and Rob, one a police officer and the other a hairdresser, proved once again that they’re the quietest contestants this season. While other teams scatter across the state to evade detection, these two have settled in Ballarat, and even taken up jobs, with Rob cutting hair at a local salon while Jake works in occasional jobs.

And they’re not shy about poking fun at the Hunters, posing for a happy photo in front of a Ballarat landmark that was later posted on social media for all to see.

Brittany and Karen’s elimination leaves 10 contestants in the game: Jake and Rob, Grace and Sonny (who revealed his mastermind condition last night, after leaving a digital trail of dead ends for the Hunters) , Nicholas and Lavinia, Puneet and Chris, and Stathi and Matt.

Hunted continues at 7.30pm on Tuesday Ten

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