Veteran Classification Stunner; Max stars in a brutal session when Ricciardo gives a boost to his teammate

Max Verstappen will start the Canadian Grand Prix from pole position after a wet and wild classification in Montreal.

The Red Bull ace was 0.645 seconds faster than anyone on the day, with teammate Sergio Perez falling in Q2, while Charles Leclerc did not take part in Q2 because he already has a penalty on the grid to change his power unit.

Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso starred in the session, putting his Alpine in the front row ahead of Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz.

Daniel Ricciardo made Q3 and will start on Sunday in the ninth, while Lando Norris was eliminated in Q2 due to a power issue.


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1) Max Verstappen

2) Fernando Alonso

3) Carlos Sainz

4) Lewis Hamilton

5) Kevin Magnussen

6) Mick Schumacher

7) Esteban Ocon

8) George Russell

9) Daniel Ricciardo

10) Zhou Guanyu

Pierre Gasly, Sebastian Vettel, Lance Stroll, Nicholas Latifi and Yuki Tsunoda were eliminated in Q1.

Vettel shattered, saying on the team’s radio, “We can’t be (out). What has this been?

“So different this morning: I had no grip, I felt like my left back was broken. Oh man!”

The session was marked at the beginning of Q2 when Sergio Pérez put his Red Bull on the wall while the riders switched to intermediate tires.

It was a relatively slow speed incident with Pérez blocking his tires on turn 3.

“This is the most pathetic feeling in the world, that is, a low-speed accident like this,” Martin Brundle said in a comment.

Also out in Q2 were Charles Leclerc, who will leave from the bottom of the grid due to a grid penalty, Alexander Albon and Valtteri Bottas.

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Earlier, Red Bull chief Christian Horner criticized the FIA’s decision to intervene and implement new security measures in connection with the porpoise problems that have affected most of the network, including Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton .

The Azerbaijan GP was a cause for concern, as many drivers were seen bouncing off their cars and Hamilton needed help to get out of his car after the race.

This prompted the FIA ​​to issue a new directive, but Horner was not satisfied.

“It seems very unfair that at this time of year when there is only one team that has lost its goal,” Horner told Reuters.

“Is it okay to change everything for this computer or should I change the computer to get more online?

“I would personally put the emphasis on the team to meet.”

Hamilton, the most notable rider on the grid who has been severely affected by porpoise problems, struggled in the first training sessions at the Canadian GP.

Affected by performance issues, especially with the “porpoise” and the bounce, the team had chosen to try some radical configuration ideas to try to solve their problems.

“The car gets worse the more we do it,” Hamilton said.

“It’s more or less like every Friday, trying a lot of things, including an experimental flat next to me, that didn’t work.

“Nothing we do in this car seems to work. We were going in different ways but nothing works.

“We’re still working on it, but it’s what it is and I think this is the car of the year, so we just have to face it and work hard to build a better car for next year.”

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